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Faturday Omaha

Jan 12, 2021

TJ declares his new possible favorite Indian dish and Dave gets buried in Chicken 65 and he's just fine with it as we get some flavor in 2021 at Flavor's Indian Cuisine. We love having you along with our food quests and we are thankful for you giving us ear time in 2021.  Please keep on listening and interacting...

Dec 29, 2020

2020 what a year, thanks for being a part of our show! It's the wrap up with special guests, and a few top picks from 2020. Thank you all for listening and interacting with us and we would love you to be with us in 2021. Please keep on listening and interacting with @FaturdayOmaha on FB/Insta/Twitter and share us...

Dec 15, 2020

Short rib hatchets! From Bop to Bulgogi, Korea Garden served up the eats and the Faturday crew ate it all. Please allow your ears to join us on this Morsel episode.

Find Korea Garden on their Facebook page @koreagarden402 and at 5352 S. 72nd St. Omaha, NE.

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Dec 1, 2020

TJ gets named Coxswain of Faturday, Mole reigns supreme, and a single item on this menu eliminates the need to go to any chain drive through. We bring you the food of Tixteco in Omaha.  

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Find Tixteco on their FB and at 2216 S 16th St....

Nov 17, 2020

Life advice, Restaurants, Charity, and 8 foot Iguanas, this episode covers all of that as we talk with Wayne Dinges the owner of Smokin Barrel BBQ in Omaha,NE.

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